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    The Yoga Loft at the Center for Integrative Medicine is a manifestation of a dream to create a place of personal growth and healing, collaboration, and a vessel of service to the community.  Time and again, medical studies have shown the health benefits of yoga-increased strength and flexibility as well as decreased stress and pain. Yoga has also been shown to balance adrenals and hormones, improve sleep, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, increase metabolism for weight loss and slow the aging process. Yoga heals.


    Physician, yoga teacher, and founder of The Yoga Loft, Dr. Kay Corpus, offers to the public, alignment savvy and intelligently sequenced yoga which teaches and empowers students how to become embodied and self-aware physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually This is always the first step in attaining whole health and vitality.


    Our classes are taught by highly trained, professional, and compassionate instructors in a beautiful, sacred and supportive environment. We hope that you become a part of the growing yoga community in Owensboro- guaranteed to transform your life, health, and way of being in the world.



    As Ghandi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." See you on the mat!





    Kay Corpus, MD, RYT

    Owner/Yoga Teacher

    Kay Corpus, MD is a board-certified family physician specializing in Integrative and Functional Medicine as well as is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. Her approach to medicine involves uncovering the true root cause of illness and disease. She and her patients work together to illuminate how pathology occurs as a result of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual imbalances. She has studied with Drs. Andrew Weil, Mark Hyman, and Lissa Rankin. Kay has practiced yoga since 1996 and has studied with the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute as well as with Sarah Gingrich and Lisa Taylor in Pennsylvania. She founded and directs the Center for Integrative Medicine in Henderson, KY where she guides patients to whole health transformation. She lives in Owensboro with her husband, Josh and two children, Bella and Luka. Please visit her website at www.kaycorpusmd.com and Facebook page ‘Kay Corpus, MD”.

    Alicia Watts, RYT

    Yoga Teacher



    Phillip Bibb, RYT

    Yoga Teacher

    I am an ERYT 200 yoga teacher with 16 years experience teaching studio classes, retreats, festivals and events in Kentucky,California and Hawaii. I am currently the Lead Ambassador for VEToga KY.

    I am a massage therapist with 800 hours of education and training in both land and aquatic modalities with 19 years of professional experience. I am a certified addiction counselor with professional experience working as a case manager with mental health non-profits and government agencies serving several populations,

    My studio classes are mystical, enchanting, challenging and filled with music and sometimes silence. I use principles from the Anusara, Hatha Raja, Power Vinyassa and Kundalini lineages. The classes are paced to give students the time and instruction to find their most graceful expression of the pose. I encourage my class attendees to practice purpose, discipline, humility, poise and thoughtfulness.

    I was honorably discharged from The United States Marine Corps.


    Lou Schultz, RYT

    Yoga Teacher



    Diane Mudd, RYT

    Yoga Teacher

    Mother, grandmother and passionate yogi. Diane retired from the corporate world after a successful thirty-eight year career. She is passionate about her work helping individuals suffering from grief. Diane understands grief firsthand, as well as yoga's capacity to help heal from the inside out. She understands grief comes in many forms from losing a loved one, a job, a pet, ANY loss that causes pain and suffering. She believes yoga is medicine for the body, mind, heart and soul. Diane has been practicing yoga for nearly 17 years and has earned her 200 RYT with Transforming Health with Yoga, under Dr. Kay Corpus, and Sarah Gingrich.


    Sherri McGary, RYT

    Yoga Teacher

    Sherri McGary is a 200 hr RYT

    Yoga Instructor at The Yoga Loft . Sherri is all about sharing Love in all areas of life , especially on her classes . She is playful, respectful, serious only when she must , always wearing a smile , that’s on the brink of laughter. She believes in teaching with Love as all are loving, love-able and loved .


    Jennifer Seaton, RYT

    Yoga Teacher

    Mom, wife, transformational change agent, servant leader. Jennifer has a master's degree in public administration and works as a certified drug and alcohol counselor. She recently founded TrueNorth, a sober living facility for women located in Owensboro, KY. Jennifer has worked in the addiction field for 7 years and has been affected by addiction issues through friends, family, and experience through her own rebellious years. She is passionate about her work helping individuals recover from addiction issues. Jennifer has been practicing yoga 3 years and has earned her 200 RYT with Transforming Health with Yoga, under Dr. Kay Corpus," and Sarah Gingrich.


    Meredith Pinto, RYT

    Yoga Teacher

    Meredith Is Pinto is a 200 hour RYT who has been practicing yoga for 5 years. She is also a Physician Assistant with the general surgery group at Owensboro Health. She lives in Owensboro with her husband and dog Murphy.



    Yoga Class & Package Pricing


    Regular students

    Single class……………………………. $15

    5 class package………………..……….$60 ($12/class expires within 3 months)

    10 class package………………......…..$100 ($10/class expires in 6 months)

    Unlimited month…………………....…..$80 (excludes specialty yoga classes, workshops, and trainings)

    Donation class.....................................$5 (regular, students with ID, and members)


    Students/Veterans and Active Military (with ID)*

    Single class…………………………….. $7.50

    5 class package………………………...$30 ($6/class)

    10 class package…………………….....$50 ($5/class)










    April-September 2018 • Henderson KY

    Our Mission


    Create Karma is a wellness-inspired organization committed to creating healthy communities through wellness classes, events, and leadership trainings. We strive to empower individuals to become embodied leaders who effect positive change through their lives and actions.


    Leadership Trainings


    Our wellness leadership trainings LEAP & MEET transform individuals into mindful, engaged, self-realized teachers who learn to embody fundamental awareness principles in their own lives. We emphasize pay-it-forward principles in an effort to build a lasting wellness movement, empowering our graduates to create and inspire positive change in their communities.


    Facilitated by National Wellness Leaders


    Create Karma is excited to bring together some of the country’s leading wellness professionals to give participants an unparalleled training experience. Each weekend session is led by a renowned instructor or expert who specializes in a unique area of leadership development, wellness, and/or community outreach. The training’s diverse curriculum is overseen by our flagship Program Director and Create Karma Founder Sarah Yukie Gingrich, who brings over a dozen years of experience in international yoga trainings to our program as well as physician Kay Corpus, MD, the Create Karma Kentucky Affiliate Program Director, who is a Create Karma graduate/facilitator and owner of The Yoga Loft in KY.



    Our Trainings


    Create Karma’s leadership training programs cultivate inner awareness and mindfulness through breathing, meditation, and movement. We offer 2 levels of trainings to engage your growth and advance you wellness and leadership. Our 200- and 300-hour programs transform individuals into mindful, engaged, self-realized teachers who learn to embody fundamental awareness principles in their own lives. Graduates may qualify to become registered yoga teachers (RYT's) through Yoga Alliance.


    Level 1: LEAP – Leaders Empowered into Action Program (200hr)


    Leaders Empowered into Action, or LEAP, is our flagship training program. This transformative 200-hour training meets every 3-4 weekends in Henderson, KY from April to September and uses the spectrum of wellness with specialized Sunday modules to empower individuals into effective leadership roles. The program is facilitated by a renowned group of wellness leaders from across the country.


    LEAP provides you with an optimal opportunity for personal development by integrating leadership training techniques with a variety of wellness practices. We combine physical movement, breathwork, meditation, and self-inquiry with team-building activities and action-based service projects to generate enduring wellness in your life and community. By completing this leadership-in-action training, you will transform your relationship with yourself and your ability to create wellness and empowered leadership every day.



    Level 2: MEET – Mentors Empowering Engagement Training (300hr)


    Mentors Empowering Engagement Training, or MEET, is our 300-hour advanced leadership program. This training is designed to enhance your ability to become a leadership and wellness mentor to other teachers and community leaders. You will still experience the same amazing facilitators as our LEAP program, plus expanded opportunities to hone your mentorship skills.


    MEET provides you with an optimal opportunity for personal development by integrating leadership training techniques with a variety of wellness practices. We combine physical movement, breathwork, meditation, and self-inquiry with team-building activities and action-based service projects to generate enduring wellness in your life and community. By completing this leadership-in-action training, you will transform your relationship with yourself and your ability to create wellness and empowered leadership every day.


    As a MEETer, you will also participate in our Yoga Teacher Certification Weekend in September. In addition to facilitating the weekend for LEAP participants, you will receive feedback on your mentoring techniques and learn to creatively adapt workshop content to both your audience and environment.

    Finally, you will complete an outreach project that integrates your mentorship learning and wellness initiatives to create enduring wellness for the community.


    Program Curriculum Includes…


    Ayurveda: Stabilize your inner and outer environment through nutrition and daily life practices

    Physiology of Wellness: Learn how the systems of wellness regulate health

    Functional Movement: Ground and energize through inclusive yoga and movement

    Connection: Create partnership and community by sharing yourself authentically and generously

    Leadership: Integrate your leadership as a natural extension of your being

    Mentorship: Give and receive tools to effectively foster development

    Sustainability: Nourish and support your body with daily wellness

    Service: Impact the lives that matter to you

    Facilitation Experience: Empower others to be leaders



    1228 N Elm St

    Henderson, KY 42420



    2018 Training Dates


    Each weekend session includes Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday mornings thru late afternoons/early evenings


    April 13-15

    May 4-6

    June 1-3

    June 22-24

    July 20-21

    August 10-12

    September 14-16

    September 28-30


    Plus one Thursday evening a month


    April 26

    May 17

    June 7

    July 5

    August 2

    August 23

    September 20

    October 4-Graduation Day





    Super Early Bird (by 2/15)







    Early Bird by (3/15)








    Standard Price








    Payment Plan

    200-hour:3500-$500 deposit + $300 (10 payments)

    300-hour:$5000-$500 deposit + $450 (10 payments)


    Deposit To Reserve Your Space $500




    ***300 hr trainees may receive $750 credit for each referral

    ***200 hr trainees may receive $500 credit for each referral





    LEAP 200-hour

    Anyone with an interest in leadership and wellness is welcome and encouraged to apply. Once you are accepted, you must attend all training hours, complete all coursework and training homework, and lead 12 outreach classes (a minimum of 60 minutes in length each).


    MEET 300-hour

    To be eligible to enroll in our 300-hour program, you must have previously completed our LEAP program OR a 200-hour training with an accredited yoga or wellness school and have taught regular yoga classes for at least one year. Once you are accepted, you must attend all training hours, complete all coursework, training homework, and mentorship work. In addition to serving as a mentor to LEAP participants, there is a commitment to serve at least 20 hours giving back to a community by initiating healthy living programs or leading movement or meditation classes.


    Yoga Teacher Certification


    To become a certified yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance®....


    Upon successful completion of FEAT and Yoga Teacher Certification Weekend you are eligible to become a certified 200-hr yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance®.


    Upon completion of MEET, you are eligible to become a certified 500-hr yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance®.


    Please note, if you choose to register with Yoga Alliance®, you will need complete your online registration with them after you have received your completion certificate from Create Karma.





    Please email us at yogaloftky@gmail.com for the application and for any further questions.

    Y12SR-Yoga of 12 Step Recovery Leadership Training with Dana Walters

    August 10-12, 2018 • Henderson KY


    In the Y12SR Leadership we:

    • Create safe, sacred, open, inclusive space that welcomes all those dealing with their own addictive behavior or are affected by the addictive behavior of others.

    • Understand the 12-step process of addiction recovery as well as recognizing the symptomology of unresolved trauma, and a dys-regulated nervous system.

    • Use yoga and its practices to provide relapse prevention tools and sustainable ways for managing internal states.

    • Take advantage of teachable moments, help resolve ambivalence and work with those who are struggling emotionally.

    • Use social learning theory to model new behavior through observational learning.

    • Recognize the traps of projection, transference, countertransference, boundary violation, spiritual bypass, arrogance.

    • Work collaboratively within the group setting and with institutions.

    • Develop a network of professionals including trauma experts and others in the addiction/recovery treatment field.

    This training is designed for yoga teachers wanting to work with the recovery population. It is also found to be extremely relevant and helpful for therapists, counselors, social workers, probation officers and others with a desire to understand how the ancient philosophies and practices of yoga align with the 12-step program of recovery.


    $375/$350 prior to July 10, 2018

    Fri 6-9 pm

    Sat 10-6 pm

    Sun 10-4pm


    1228 N Elm St

    Henderson, KY 42420


    To be a certified Y12SR Leader, you must complete both the Y12SR Leadership Training and Y12SR Intensive, which is now available online. We suggest taking the Online Intensive prior to Leadership Training. For more information please or call 317-691-3270 or visit www.y12sr.com  



    1722A Sweeney St, Owensboro, KY 42303


    You're awesome. Let's talk.



    The Yoga Loft KY










  • FAQ'S

    Q: Do I need to sign-up in advance?


    A:You may sign up on the the MIndbody website or just show up an check in 10 minutes before class begins. A workshop or training may require sign-ups at which time a link or instructions will be provided.


    Q: What should I bring?


    A:It is always nice to bring your own mat for comfort reasons. We do have mats available at the studio.


    Q: What if it's my first time?


    A: We welcome students at any level, including beginners. Classes for those specifically new to yoga will be offered throughout the season.


    Q: What should I wear?


    A: Comfortable yoga pants/shorts, t-shirts or tank tops are fine. Dressing in layers is always best depending upon your sensitivity to the heat or cold.